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Storybooks that Promote  Children’s Social-Emotional Intelligence

Books are a fantastic resource to teach concepts and launch abstract thinking. Stop in between pages to talk about the story, the character’s perspective and feelings.  Use picture books to grow children’s emotional literacy, learn about perspective and how determine the cause of problem and possible solutions.  Here’s a quick list to get you started!

Good Night Already! (Talk about self-control; emotional regulation, learning to wait; impulse control)  John, J. & Davies, B.  Bear wants to go to sleep and duck wants to hang out.  How will bear get to sleep?

SHH! We Have a Plan. (Discuss perspective taking, flexible thinking, analyze cause of problem) Haughton, C. Four Friends creep through the woods, hoping to catch a bird.   Shhh…they have a plan.

Oh No George! (Teach emotional control, impulse control and empathy) Haughton, C. George is a big dog with good intentions.  But when George sees a delicious cake sitting on the counter….his resolve starts to waiver.   What will George do?

The Very Cranky Bear. Bland, N. (Review empathy, perspective taking and reaching out to help others)   Zebra, Moose, and Lion wrongly assume that what makes them happy will also put a cranky bear in a better mood.  Sheep succeeds in soothing Bear by listening and responding to his actual needs.

Maisy Cleans Up. Collins, L. (Talk being responsible, self-efficacy, impulse control)  Maisy and Charley wait until they finish their chores to eat their cupcake.

A Boy and a Bear. Lite, L.  (Learning how to relax; emotional regulation)  A boy and a polar bear demonstrate how to relax with deep breaths.

Bears on Chairs. Parenteau, S. (Learn about analyzing problems, about flexible thinking, emotions) Four little bears use flexible thinking to include big bear in their fun.

A Pocket Full of Kisses.  Penn, A. (Talk about self-efficacy, emotional regulation, self-control) Mother raccoon gives her child a way to soothe himself when he says goodbye and goes to school. 

A Tale of Two Beasts.  Roberts, F.  (Understanding perspective taking, empathy, cultural differences)   Every story has two sides. This two part story cleverly shows our assumptions about another may not be true.

Duck on a Bike. Shannon, D.  (Learn about different opinions, perspectives, emotion, reaching  out to others) The farmyard animals have different reactions and express a range of thoughts and feelings as they watch Duck peddle past on the bicycle. 

Run Turkey Run! Mayr, D (Teach empathy and reaching out to others)Can turkey find a place to hide from the farmer who is looking for a plump bird for his family’s Thanksgiving? Will the other farm animals help Turkey?

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Lynn Epstein is a 28 veteran speech language pathologist.  She is the owner and clinical director of Laguna Beach Language Speech Clinic and can be reached at

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Laguna Beach Language & Speech Clinic is a clinician owned outpatient therapy clinic located in South Laguna.  Services include evaluation and treatment of pediatric communication disorders such expressive language delay, auditory processing, oral motor planning deficit and social skill deficits as well as home visits, infant stimulation programs and free parent workshops.



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